A message about Ireland’s Phone Book

Written by dermdaly on December 22nd, 2009

It has come to our attention that current versions of “Ireland’s Phone Book” and “Ireland’s Phone Book Pro” are currently not operable. We regret to inform users that in light of a recent threat of legal challenge, we WILL NOT be providing a fix to the application in its current guise. We have also taken the decision to remove “Ireland’s Phone Book” and “Ireland’s Phone Book Pro” from the App store.

We are engaging with a number of potential partners with a view to a long term solution and hope to be able to announce something shortly.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

Comments (97)

Luke says:

So are you providing a refund?

Eamon O Murchu says:

Please advise me by email when a solution is reached.

Declan Hogan says:

I bought PhoneBook Pro.
I would now like a full refund please.

mm dermdaly says:

Hi Luke, Declan,
I’ll be in touch directly regarding a refund.
Kind regards,

Anita Guidera says:


Charles Harper says:

Your software was a positive development from outdated and wasteful paper monster books. Who is interfering with your excellent initiative? Do let me know when problem is resolved. Keep up the good work. charles

Gareth says:

Can you mailme with details as to what it is that’s going on here please? I was wondering why this wasn’t working for the last while. And as reagards refunds and the like. I can’t understand why there’d be a problem with this app or anythng legal.

gordon tracey says:

please advise when you have an alternative to offer or another to recommend

Drew Borrett says:

Just spotted the statement.

Sod a refund, but do please e-mail once “back in business”.

Michelle Phelan says:

I too was wondering why it hadn’t been coming up with any numbers for me recently! A message should come up letting customers who have bought this app know the current situation, it isn’t good enough to refrain from giving any idea what’s going on when something paid for already has not and will not for the forseeable future be working. It is still coming up with a message advertising phonebook pro for example!!!!so it can’t be that unreasonable an expectation ?!! It’s very disappointing if theres a
legal problem such a great app which is a positive step forward for environmentally friendly solution to phonebooks without the ridiculous price of 11890 or 11850

Michelle Phelan says:

I too would expect a refund

mm dermdaly says:

Hi Drew,
Thanks for the support: It’s much appreciated.

mm dermdaly says:

Hi Michelle,
Thanks for the feedback. I’ll mail you regarding those points.

Gerry says:

What kind of corporate big brother crap is going on here?? Are they afraid their money grabbing directory enquiry numbers are going to go bust!!
And shame on anyone who’s looking for a refund!!
Keep up the good work Dermot.. It’s a neat app and deserves resurrection!!

mm dermdaly says:

Hi All,
The question of refunds has come up on the comments a number of times. In each case, I’ve contacted the poster individually and explained the options. I’d like to address it here so people know where I stand with regard to it.

Firstly, Please note that I take this responsibility very seriously; people purchased the app, and right now it does not work. There is no question about whether they are entitled to a refund. They are of course, if they wish.

I am hoping to issue a longer term fix in the coming weeks; this is subject to some ongoing commercial negotiations. Once completed, this would come as a free upgrade to all existing users. I understand however, that some people may not wish to wait for this.

There is no simple way for an app developer to issue refunds through iTunes, nor is there a simple way for an iTunes customer to request a refund.

The options I can offer are either:
1. If you have a Paypal account, I can credit your account.
2. I can send you a cheque in the post

If you require a refund, do get in touch, sending on your iTunes receipt that was sent when you purchased the app and either your full name and address, or your Paypal account details; I will issue the full refund imediately.

I’d like to also take this opportunity to thank the many comments, and private mails of support and encouragement.


Aldagh mcDonogh says:

Loved this app – particularly it’s environmentally friendly benefit. Also very very handy. Good luck with fixing it. Let me know whenyou’re back up and running!! I do agree with previous post that a message explaining the problem would bea good idea.

Andrew W says:

Just to say that I too bought the Pro version the day before it went down. I bought it because it was brilliant. Best of luck in finding a solution to the legal end of things and hopefully we will see one of the best apps available back in action very soon.

Laura Crowe says:

Dermot, I too loved this app. It worked brilliantly and it’s so convenient. Please could you include me in the circular to let us know when it is running again ? Many thanks

Trevor says:

Dermot, as a courier you saved me lots of time and lots of money, the app was a great one espically the mapping feature and it paid for itself many many times over, thank you and I hope you get up and running soon, let me know if you do. Thanks again

Tiger says:

Hi Dermot,
Great pity about the situation as it’s such a good app. I am tempted to ask for a refund but I’ll hang on in the hope that you reach some resolution with whoever you’re dealing with (I’m sure I could guess…) I do however think you owe it to anyone who purchased this app an explantation as to what’s going on when they try to use it. Like many others it took me a while to get to the website and this discussion before I realised what has happened. I think there’s a certain lack of courtesy in not informing everyone as soon as possible that the product they have paid for no longer exists. Surely It can’t be that difficult to put some explanatory text on the home page of the app?
I wish you well in your fight and please add my e-mail to any update list you have.

Eoin Hennebry says:

Hi Dermot
I really loved your app. As my work takes me on the road alot it saved me lots of money, therefor I do not want a refund, but could you please contact me aswell when you have something else similar avaliable?

Cheers and good luck!
Fight on!

Thomas says:

This was a very useful app.
If it is not fixed by Jan end I will request a refund
best of luck

Paul says:

Have to agree with. “tiger” some exanation should be added to app home page. Great, very useful app though. Hope you can come to some agreement and get it up and running again.

Tim says:

Hi There,
Excellent little app, I suspect some corporate gombeen is causing you a problem. If there is anything we can do to assist you to get back on track, please let us know?
One other thing, it’s a bit sad to see small minded people looking for refunds so quick without you having the chance to sort this out.
Best of Luck!

Diarmuid says:


Like everyone else I found the app great and could not understand why it was not working until now. I am happy to wait for the resolution rather than request a refund but it would be a good idea to get your server to send back a response that that app can parse and produce some sort of dummy phone entry that tells people of the problem.


Mick says:

I got any iPhone very recently and this app has never worked? Why was I allowed buy it? This has raised a serious flaw in the app store if it is this difficult to obtain a refund. Am I the only one that thought that because a product is for sale in the apps store it’s legitimate and my consumer rights are protected. Dermot, I expect you to be contacting me re a refund.
And Gerry, if you buy something and it doesn’t work, you’re perfectly entitled to ask for your money back so shame on no one.

Hilary says:

Great app, please mail me with any update of a replacement. Good luck with your efforts.

Hilary says:

Great app, please include me in your mail updates. Best of luck.

Paul says:

Just mail me when it’s up an running again.. Was a good app

Simon says:

Common the app cost few euros anyone who bought it saved the price 10 times on 11890 charges so what’s all the crap bout refund let’s just hope it’s back working soon

James says:

I can’t believe that this brilliant app no longer works, I found it so useful. Corporate greed no doubt the culprit. I really wish you all the best in your legal battle with these faceless tyrants and I hope you get back up and running soon! Super app, best of luck!


Seamo says:

Add me to the list for updates please.

Declan says:

Keep up the good work, u best 118nothing hands down every time. Hope your current issues prove short lived & look forward to next incarnation. Regards.

Liam Cusack says:

just a quick note to say this was the best app. on iPhone by a country mile.

Wishing You the best and hope it works out ok for You.


Denis says:

Hi Dermot

Thanks for what was a great app.
I have ieFonebook Pro.
More than saved its cost since I got it.
Please mail me when the “solution/fix” is available.

Keep up the good work


Adam says:

I bought phone book pro and as it’s no longer working I’m requesting a full refund, regards, Adam.

Damien says:

Hope you solve your problem. Please keep me posted.

Diarmuid says:

Hi, please include me with any updates.

Best of luck, a great app..

Gavin says:

Hi, hope you resolve your isssues soon, please include me on any updates.
On the legal matter, are you forced to remove the program for sale or the usability of the program for those who have already purchased?
The reason I ask is Fusio built a free app called Dublin Bikes and was sued/threatened to be sued by owners who supposedly planned to bring out they’re own app. They’re obligation was only to remove the app from the app store, the program still works perfectly for anyone who has it downloaded and I’m sure it runs off the same basis of taking data from source website.

Chris says:

Please inform me when you get this situation sorted

Ian says:

Great app. Hope you get the legal stuff sorted soon. Please include me in the email updates.

Ros says:

Great app. Please let me know when back working

Hugh Mc Caffrey says:

Let me know when the problem is resolved orgive me a refund. Hugh

Cameron says:

Refund please? You can contact me via email

Seamus says:

please add me to email update list, and keep the €2 I paid whether you get the app back working or not – your work and effort deserves praise not cheap requests for €2 refunds. Best of luck

Margaret says:

Great app. Please let me know when up and running with new app. Thanks mgt

Dale says:

Plain and simple


Bring it back !

Ger says:

Great app. Sorry to hear the trouble you are in. Would love to know any updates at a later stage.

Breda Walsh says:

Dermot, soldier on! The app is brilliant and very inexpensive for what is was. I certainly DON’T want a refund and know this will be sorted. Shame on those who are insisting on one at this point. Guys like you and Vincent Coyne are developing such useful apps for the Irish Market that make all our lives easier, providing information that should be freely available. You should be encouraged, not kicked when down. Imagine asking for the measly price we paid in the first place to be refunded??! Fight the good fight!!

David Martin says:

Well that’s a very nice earner for you considering the the amount of people who have purchased the app. Now….the product is, to put it simply, finished, dead in the water as it were. The average consumer would not even consider persuing an expensive leagal action, so basically it’s a win win situation for you.
My question is … What do we do about obtaining a refund????
I look forward, with diminishing optimism, to a display of respect by you in the form of a satisfactory reply to my question.
Respectfully …….

Alan says:

So that’s why it never worked for me. Very surprised you couldn’t update the app with some kind of disclaimer. In any case, I hope to see you up and running again soon, please keep me in the loop regarding your progress.

This seems to me to be another case of old business models failing to adapt to the market. Would be a shame to see a service like this collapse.

mm dermdaly says:

Hi David,
I’ve sent you a mail regarding the points you made in the post. Don’t know if you’ve received it.

John Harrington says:

It is a pity to see a “pay for itself” app like this fall on the age old screen scraping arguement. It IS a great app(let) and I am not going to look cor a refund based on the simple word – trust.
I hope all involved sort out a tri-parteid acceptable position (developer, Eircom and us, the customers).
I suggest , probably like others, it might be a good idea to try to email existing users of both apps or create a general message on current status for return on all searches. Best of luck (quicly though 🙂 )

mm dermdaly says:

Hi All,
Another thing that keeps popping up in suggestions is that I put a message on the app so people can see that there is a known issue. Here’s why I can’t:

1. I never used an interim server. That would have been illegal. So, it’s not like requests go “via” my server.
2. Therefore, to provide someone with a message would require me to issue an update. Here’s the effect that would have:
a) If you know of the issue already, you’d assume that the update was the awaited fix, only to be disappointed.
b) If you weren’t aware of the issue, you’d see the update, download it, try it out, only to see the message. Your reaction would be “I want the working one back”.
Neither of these are good experiences. I’d really love to do something pro-active, but I don’t want to until I’ve got something really great to tell my users.

Thanks everyone for continued support. We at tapadoo are still working for a longer term solution. I hope to have news soon.


Chris says:

Hi love the app can you e
mail when back

Mark says:

Great app.
Really useful.
Hopefully you can get this sorted.
Please let me know if you do,

James says:

Hope you are back soon

Des says:

Please add me to the list of people to advise when this is up and working again. It was a very useful little app.

Anna says:

Sorry to see it is taking so long to find a solution. Good luck. Please advise when it is available

Shawn says:

Thanks for keeping us up to date and for your efforts.

Ted Crilly says:

It’s a real pity that such a useful application can bs threatened by some faceless corporation because they fear change or weren’t clever enough to come up with the idea themselves. They come in with expensive lawyers (Doooie, Screwem and Howe) knowing that the indie developer won’t have the coffers for a lengthy legal battle. (not that Eircom do these days either :-))

I wonder on what grounds they are basing their legal challenge? The information was already in the public domain via the eircom and golden pages web sites. All the App was doing was effectively redisplaying it.

Great shame … Good luck with all the steps to get the app back up and running.

mm dermdaly says:

Thanks Fr. Ted !. Just to be clear though: I was not threatened by Eircom. I’m not going to go into the detail of who brought the legal challenge, so please don’t even try to guess. I will not be publishing this information.
Kind regards,

Tony says:

I must have been living on mars these part few weeks not realising that this app was not working until I tried today and thought my iTouch was broke. Great app – bring it back – email me with updates please
thank you

Paul says:

Great App let me know when it’s back up & running

John says:

Sorry to hear the bad news let me know when ur up and running thanks

carol says:

when do we get a refund

mm dermdaly says:

Hi Carol,
A refund can be issued immediately.
Full details are given in the comments above. I’ve dropped you a mail to clarify.

Sean M says:

Can you please email when the update is available

Mick says:

Hi Dermot,
I originally got ie Phone book and loved it so much upgraded to the pro version which i found invaluable as a result i have no interest in a refund but would hope you could contact me with a fix as soon as you have one.
All the best with getting it sorted.

Conor says:

Please advise when update / new version becomes available.

Thanks in advance.

Dan Wilson says:

Refund . . .

You sold software, you then withdraw it without refunding money?

Does not sound legal or honorable.

C’mon, pay up the refunds.

mm dermdaly says:

Hi Dan,
If you read the comments above you’ll find I am offering refunds and how to go about getting one. Just in case, I’ll drop you a note too

Dan Wilson says:

I withdraw my comments.

I’m not bothered about a refund, but would expect the next version to be free to those who paid for it before.

mm dermdaly says:

Hi Russell,
If this get back on line, it will be a standard upgrade at no cost.

Colin says:

I really hope this app gets back up and running, it is very very good. Best of luck with getting it sorted.

Denis says:

Arguably the best app on iTunes Ireland! It’s a pity the Celtic tiger litigious boys shut you down. Hopefully some resolution will come soon. All the best D.

Tony says:

Hi Dermot – can you update us with any work in progress?

Alan C says:

Well done fantastic app hope it gets sorted include me on the circ list please if it is up and running. Ignore the petty penny scrapers the majority saved a fortune by using this app whilst it worked. Keep up the good work.

Martin C says:

Hi Dermot – I have just found this (your) site after only discovering some weeks ago that the App (iePhoneBook) was not working. It is very annoying, and bad customer service, that we were not notified. But I understand that maybe that’s not easy to do.
That said, it WAS indeed a very good and useful App at a good price and I don’t feel a refund will be of any use to me.
But I would really, really, like to know how things are going. You said there was a”threat of legal challenge”. Where does this stand now? Idle threat? Real threat? What is the legal question? Will the App be back? It has been 3 months now without any update according to this comment page.
Wish you luck, but like Tony asked, please share more information on progress, or not.
Best regards, Martin.

Pat Kennedy says:

Great app pity about the problem. Keen to know when back in action

Martin C says:

Hi Dermot,
Thanks for the personal reply. I do understand, and I do wish you well.
Hoping you can get it back online without breaking the bank. And you could/should charge more if it comes back to the same standard.
Best regards,

Gavin says:

Still waiting!!! Please let me know when your fixed. All the best.

Gavin says:

Looking forward to some good news! Keep me posted.

Hugh O'Connor says:

Great app Dermot. No refund necessary. Please try and sort out the problems asap. Keep up the good work. Hugh.

Sally Ann says:

Hi Dermot,

Any news? Am holding out for you to come back online and get me back up and running with an upgrade.

How are things looking?
All the very best.

Tom Q says:

Hi Dermot,
I’m just interested in news of your excellent app. I think we are all anxious to know if you have a chance to get things up and running soon.
Best of luck

Martin C says:

Any change or new info Dermot?
Is this a runner, or should we just delete the App? Is it over 🙁 ?

Aisling Bb says:

Great app, wondering if there is an update on gbe situation.

SOAH says:

Hi Just wanted to say I loved this app, really useful and great value. I would love to see it back and I don’t expect a refund, I’d rather your time was spent finding a solution and developing more great apps than refunding a few €. I think of it as supporting an enterprising Irishman 🙂 I’d have spent it on directory enquiries several times over had I never had the app….

Dollstar says:

Hi Dermot,

This great application which was very useful & handy must not be brushed aside just like that.
Pls let me know when something has been done about it.
I hope everything goes well & while we wait in anticipation for this application to come back up & running on a long term basis, thank you for trying everything possible to get the application back on track. All the best.

Pat t says:

Was a great app and still miss it. No refund necessary considering all the time and money it saved while it was working. After such a long time is it correct to assume this app won’t be back?

Phil says:

Its not his fault that they took it down – stop asking for refunds. Can you give an entrepreneur a break?

Phil says:

loved this app… hope you get an alternative one soon… fantastic idea.
keep up the work, and could you mail me if you do release a new app.
thanks :-DD

Damien says:

Hi Dermot,

Any news after all this time? Is the app definitely dead and buried or else?



Patrick says:

Hi There, after been frustrated for so long and finally finding your site and read the comments, my only question is should I leave the app on my iPhone and when you are up and running I will receive the update ???

Ross kelly says:

Hi Dermot , fairplay to you – it was a great little app , it saved money , time and help with our carbon footprint .

Let me know when it avaible gain , keep the money – thats how it got this far . Good luck with the future and we need more people like Dermot to put it up to corporate bodies and change the way directory and listings are made . Goof work and good job , keep at it

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