Our app designers aim to provide a unique user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) for your app design. Check out our video below, where our lead UX/UI app designer Orla, presents to an audience of over 200 people in Croke Park, Dublin on what user experience app design is all about.

User Experience App Design

The user experience is vital to the success of your app, as is your business need for developing it. Our designers are adept at creating a unique user experience, that merges your business needs with an intuitive user experience.

They do this by taking a user-centred approach when designing the user experience within your app. This simply means that they keep the user at the centre of all decisions, ensuring your app will be a unique and memorable experience for them.

Once all features have been agreed upon, we capture the user experience in a set of wireframes. These wireframes show you every journey your user needs to undertake to experience the full features offered within the app. It is an iterative process. We only finalise it when you are fully satisfied that your business needs have been captured in a unique user experience for your users.

User Interface App Design

When we complete phase one, which is the user experience we begin phase two. Phase two is the user interface app design. How an app looks is a reflection on the brand it is representing. Our designers work on providing the best quality designs. They work with brand owners to ensure that our work matches the expectation of the brand. 

Our in-house designers have a wealth of experience in designing user interface for mobile apps. They know what works and what doesn’t and cover all eventualities, including empty or error states. They utilise all opportunities to engage your customers and present your brand in a professional manner.

So we have the necessary experience and would love the opportunity to design a unique user experience and user interface design within your app. And to see examples of the apps we’ve designed to date, check out some of our case studies here.