Tapadoo Case Studies

We’ve selected some of our design and development work for you to view in the different areas we specialise in.

iOS and Android Apps

Our team are proficient in developing iOS and Android apps.

Medical Apps

Medical apps are complex and need experienced medical app developers. We have that experience.

Enterprise Apps

Enterprise apps streamline business processes and provide access to internal systems on the go.

iOS and Android Case Studies

Prepay Power App

The Prepay Power App is a pay as you go electricity app developed for iOS and Android. The app allows users to top up their electricity quickly and easily. Users no longer have to leave their home or go online to top up their electricity. They simply login to the app and input their details and their account is topped up.

The Speak Powercode feature within the app allows users to hear their Prepay Power code as they enter it on their installed meter keypad. The history section allows users  keep track of their electricity spend. It shows the amount and date of the last five top ups. The Share button feature allows users to send top up Powercodes by text and/or email to family or friends who are at home.

Parking Tag App

The Parking Tag app is an iOS and Android app that makes it easy and convenient for users to pay for on-street parking. The app lets users update their payment details, amend vehicle information and review their parking history. Thanks to Parking Tag, paying for parking has never been easier. No more searching for change for the parking meter. Users simply set up their auto top up account. They login to the Parking Tag app when parking and choose on the map where they want to park, input a code and how long they wish to park for.

Toyota FaceItDown App

The Toyota FaceItDown app is a revolutionary app aimed at saving drivers lives on the road. The app is an iOS and Android app that rewards drivers for not looking at their phone while driving.

Toyota’s brand promise is ‘built for a better world’ and the app is a physical realisation of this. It’s aim is to make Irish roads safer for everyone. Drivers can collect rewards points and use them towards a cup of coffee at Circle K garages nationwide or against their car insurance with FDB Insurance.

Samsung App

The Samsung Night Run app is an Android app that helps runners prepare for the yearly Samsung Night Run. The app is unlike any other running app in that it cuts back on the number of features available in order to provide focus on the running. The app provides runners with a number of running routes they can use for training. Runners can also track their progress with the app. Further information is released to runners closer to the race night to prepare them in advance for it.

Medical App Case Studies

TRUCount App

TRUCount is an iOS and Android app and Smart TV web-based display that allows the retail, hospitality and corporate sectors along with large buildings and events to manage their occupancy levels. It is a complete occupancy management system for social distancing. The Smart TVs are displayed at various entrance/exit points throughout the premises. The screen clearly displays the current occupancy status along with the maximum limits allowed at any one time. Audio messages are also played at intervals.

The app allows for staff and management to monitor the occupancy levels at a distance and removes the need for a staff member to man the door. It also allows management to use admin features and set occupancy limits remotely.

Slendertone Connect App

Slendertone Connect is an iOS and Android medical app that allows Slendertone users track their toning progress. The app provides custom toning programmes and personal coaching. There are five high-intensity training programmes for specific training goals. These goals include essential abdominal training, advanced abdominal training, post-natal firming, training to boost your fitness regime and for a specific event coming up.

The personalised coaching motivates users to track their progress and hit their training goals. Users can sync their smart device to their Connect belt to wirelessly control every toning workout.

Hay Fever Relief App

Hay Fever Relief is an iOS and Android medical app that allows hay fever sufferers enter their symptoms and receive an expert treatment plan from Dr. Paul Carson. The app is packed full of information relating to hay fever. It provides live pollen updates, allows users to track their symptoms and receive a treatment plan. Users can explore their hay fever symptoms using a 3D interactive feature. 

FitrWoman App

FitrWoman is an iOS and Android medical app that we developed for Orreco, the sports science company. It’s aimed at female athletes to help them train smarter. It helps users track their menstrual cycle and provides personalised training and nutritional suggestions tailored to the changing hormone levels through their cycle.

FitrWoman has won the iTAG Digital Product Award 2018. It has also been featured widely in the media; CNN, Forbes, the Irish Times and Independent.

Medications Checker App

Medications Checker is an iOS medical app developed for the Irish Sports Council. The aim of the app is to assist Irish athletes in checking if a substance is banned under the World Anti-Doping Agency rules. The app tells users if over-the-counter medications purchased in the Republic of Ireland comply with these rules.

The app accesses information on the Drugs in Sport Database on Eirpharm. Users can search based on name or ailment type. They can also email a search result or save it.

Enterprise App Case Studies


The DHL app is an iPad enterprise app that makes it quick and easy for customers to send their parcels worldwide. The app has allowed DHL move from a manual process of data entry by a DHL agent to a self-service process that connects with their agent shipping application. The app has streamlined their business process and turned a cumbersome and time consuming process into a quick and easy one. Within two months of installing iPads in Kiosks in all DHL drop-in centres, DHL saw a 60% increase in sales growth. This figure has held year on year.

CMC Coal Marketing App

CMC Coal Marketing is the exclusive marketer of thermal steam coal from the Cerrejón mining complex in northern Colombia. Their sales process was based on spreadsheets that were updated manually but not automatically. We replaced their spreadsheets-based system with an iPad enterprise app for use by its sales team. The app automatically syncs with their centralised database and provides sales staff with instant access to the information they need to close out complex deals. This is now the key tool used by the sales force and executive team at CMC.