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Making apps that customers love to tap since 2009

We are a team of App Development Specialists.

Our team of specialists have been developing the latest in engaging mobile apps since the release of the iPhone SDK in 2009.

We develop for iOS and Android, including production of back end systems to support these apps.

The team consists of Designers, Developers, Project Managers and QA Specialists. We value long-term customer relationships; we‘ve worked with most of our customers for many years. Each of these started with a single project.

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Dermot Daly

CEO & Founder


Peter MacMahon

Senior Project Manager

Orla Fagan

UI/UX Design Lead

Jason Connery

Lead iOS Specialist

Elliot Tormey

Lead Android Specialist

Alex Scanlan

iOS Specialist

John Keyes

Server Side Specialist

Rita Aracri

QA Lead

Burhan Shakir

Android Specialist

Dumevi Cruces

Android Specialist

Maria Ortega

iOS Specialist

Nimisha Parambathu

iOS Specialist

Nicky Patson

iOS Specialist

Erencan Çabuk

iOS Specialist

Nathalia Marques

Administrative Assistant

Cathal Farrell

iOS Specialist

Eddie Martin

Senior Project Manager

Fernando Obregon

Frontend Developer

Kai Cilliers

Android Specialist