App development cost

It is very difficult to say what an app costs. This is because each app is unique, and built entirely for the client‘s purpose.

Each app can be thought of as something tailor-made for the client‘s needs. In simple terms, the cost of the app is proportional to the effort of creating it, which in turn is decided by the number of features and the complexity of those features; In addition, clients should consider that we develop natively for iOS and Android; these are very different platforms requiring specific code on each platform.

Each clients needs are very different so, we offer a discovery workshop to help gauge the size of the project. Of course we can work with the client to develop projects in stages to meet any budgetary constraints.

A small project would have a budget in the 25 - 40k range per platform.

A medium project would have a budget in the 40 - 80k range per platform.

A larger project would have a budget in excess of 80k per platform.