Hay Fever Relief

MedApp Limited

An app that helps hay fever sufferers avoid a trip to the physician by giving them interactive and useful insights into how to treat hay fever.

About Hay Fever Relief

Hay Fever Relief is a medical app that allows hay fever sufferers enter their symptoms and receive an expert treatment plan from Dr. Paul Carson. The aim of the app is to empower hay fever sufferers to take care of and control their hay fever symptoms.

the brief

“Many people suffer with hay fever. We want to help sufferers avoid a trip to the physician by giving them interactive and useful insights into how to treat hay fever”.

Dr Paul Carson is an allergy specialist. As hay fever is on the rise, he wanted to create an app that would help hay fever sufferers. The aim of the app was to provide hay fever sufferers all they need to know about hay fever and how they could treat their symptoms safely and effectively.


We worked with a specialist medical imaging company to get the highest quality 3D renderings of the nasal and chest areas.

The app contains 5 main sections:

  • An interactive 3D model showing the effects of hay fever on the sufferer. The user can interact with the 3D model and explore each section in detail. They can view a demonstration of the effects of hay fever on a particular area.
  • An in-app store, which allows the user purchase hay fever related medical products.
  • A symptom tracker provides the user with a short questionnaire which is used to understand their symptoms for that day. From here they can see a graph showing a historical view of their overall symptoms. Based on the score of the questionnaire, a personalised recommended treatment plan is provided. The user also receives some tips on how they can help to reduce their symptoms.
  • A map showing the user pollen levels throughout Ireland and the UK.
  • An information section to give the user helpful information on various self help and diet tips. It also provides general information on treatments available to help them alleviate the effects of their hay fever symptoms


We developed the app using swift for iOS and Java for Android. We used Apple Pay and Android Pay alongside Stripe to process user payments. This integration also allowed all payments be processed through Stripe, making it easier for our client to monitor and manage.

As Hayfever Relief sells and distributes hay fever related medical products through their app, we wanted to make the purchase process as seamless as possible. Both Apple Pay and Android Pay provide a more user friendly way for customers to pay. These payment methods are fast, easy and secure, while we were still able to provide Stripe as a secondary option. Users can quickly select their payment, shipping and contact information and verify their payment using Face ID or Touch ID for Apple and Fingerprint Authentication for Android.

The app also has a live pollen update based on the users current location in the UK & Ireland. The app uses the phone’s GPS location to provide these updates. A push notification is then used to send a daily update on the pollen forecast for the day ahead.