The “iPad killer” is on the way

Written by dermdaly on April 26th, 2011

No it isn’t.

If you’re a journalist and you write a prophetic article on the iPad killer you are either looking for attention from trolls, or are dumb.

I wrote about the “iPhone Killer” last year. Nothing has changed, and all the arguments remain the same.

Move along now, nothing to see.

Related: I’d love to have a product that everyone writes is about to be trumped by a new “killer”. Its a sure sign you’re doing it right.

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Des Traynor says:

It’s very rare there is ever any one particular killer too and the killers are very rarely of the same variety. The iPod killer is a mobile phone, not a smarter sleeker sexier cheaper faster mp3 player.

Also most big names die from a thousand paper cuts, as opposed to some mythical monster strolling in and gobbling up market share.

Shane Moore says:

Radio was the Book killer.
Cinema was the Radio Killer
Tv was the Cinema killer.

Our usage might get curbed every once in a while but nothing ever seems to outright die in the tech industry.

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