The GAA App Of Our Dreams

Written by Orla on February 13th, 2014

The GAA Season is upon us. We’re fans of the GAA at Tapadoo. We go to the early season games, and suffer through the cold conditions all for the love of the game.

There’s a common sight you see at every game: The diehard fan. Studying the match programme, ear piece in ear and pencil in hand. Ready to mark down every free, score and substitution.

When a point occurs at the other end of the field we hear “who scored that?”, “was it Brogan?”, “I think it was Mannion”. The diehard knows. He heard on AM radio, but the rest of us will have to make do with watching it on Sky+ when we get home.

As mobile app developers we got to thinking:

Surely there must be a better way.

There’s been some attempts at digitising the programme into mobile apps. They tend to be little more than PDF readers where the thinking centred around the existing product: The paper programme. The static, can’t change, went to print 2 days ago paper programme.

Surely we can do better.

How would we approach it? Well, we’ve put together some concepts.

Our vision is for the “Live match programme”. A match programme in your pocket, that lives with the game. It updates along with the game, giving you what happened, when it happened and by whom. A place where at a glance you can see who scored that last point, and what their tally is.

The GAA app of our dreams

The GAA app of our dreams

The main screen of the app shows the teams, score and current time.
When you tap on a team name we see the team as currently lined out (kept up to date of course). Beside each player we see their score tally, and any cards they’ve received. In the example below, we’re also highlighting who scored last (in this case, Brogan)

A view of the team as it is playing right now.

A view of the team as it is playing right now.

Tapping on a player, gives us the statistics about that player

The player profile screen

The player profile screen

When a major event occurs, a top banner will show not just happened, but who was responsible

The banner shows that a goal has just been scored

Tapping on the clock allows you to see the “as it happened timeline”

The timeline, as it happened.

The timeline, as it happened.

So how would this information get into the app? We’ve thought of that too. We call this “The commentators companion”. This allows a sideline staff member to report on the game as it happens, feeding the data to the Live Programme app.

With just 2 or three taps, sideline staff member can report on every event as it happens. Here we show how to report a substitution he taps “substitution”, the player being substituted, and the player coming on, and hits “Publish”.

A couple of taps, and you're done

A couple of taps, and you’re done

This is all conceptual. We’d love to hear what think. Feel free to leave a comment, or get in touch with us.

Comments (20)

david byrne says:

Brilliant idea and very logical app, bring it on

Linda smart says:

Great idea

noel reilly says:

Yes please

Ozmeister says:

Cracking idea, would be very popular, once it does what it says on the tin and is simplistic. Would have to be kept regularly updated. Check out the Football App for soccer , which is very popular.
All folks want is correct up to date info. The GAA own’s website can be a nightmare to get match info from and navigate around.

Mark Swaine says:

This looks really interesting. If the reports were in real time or up to date , this is a no brainer. What a fantastic app. Looks great . Big interest

Denise says:

Yes please

Niamh says:

Sounds great! Now how do we get the GAA involved!?

Fergal Donnelly says:

Looking forward to it. Looks brilliant.

bernard gallagher says:

brillant a gaa app thats looks the part

Nicola Cooke says:

You can’t go back after introducing that to us. Wow !
I have searched my iPhone for Gaa apps and nothing
Make sure you produce this or someone else will in
Your place. Word gets around , good luck

Gerard Doyle says:

Looks great! Badly needed. Any chance it will be available for windows? Bear in mind the 3G in Croker is shocking!

Shane O Foghlu says:

Looks great. Would defo use this. Can’t wait

dave conroy says:

can you get this app for windows phone?

Karen Hargan says:

I Love this idea really well done – I would pay for this app !

rachel says:

yes please! there’s no decent apps for gaa out there

Martin Mc Donnell says:

What i’v been waiting on . Top class

Ronan says:

Great idea, we put together the DubMatchTracker GAA scoreboard app and something like this would be a great enhancement for people who want to do a lot more than you can do on our app.

Presume you’d need an iPad sized screen though?

Ciaran Burke says:

Great idea. Was thinking along these lines for a final year project in NCI next year. Best of luck with it.

MIse says:

Make it so

Bernard says:

This looks brilliant.

I nearly always do not buy a match programme be it in Parnell or Croker but my friends do so religiously. I know the GAA tried to launch their programme on ios and android recently, i think it never took off, but if this was an app you could download and then in app purchase the programme or team and scores i definiely would. I think the GAA were looking at charging 50 cent less for the electronic programme which is ridiculous and shows how they are stuck playing catch up on these kind of things.

Great idea, would love to see it happen! Good Luck

Ps. What someone else said above, the signal in Croke Park is really bad, and might very well be a game changer!

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