By maintaining your app you are keeping it up to date with the latest operating system changes and new devices that are implemented regularly. This helps to reduce technical debt and regular app maintenance is more economical than infrequent, major overhauls.

Tailored Packages from Tapadoo

Our app support and maintenance packages typically consist of an agreed number of days each month. We tailor these days to suit your business needs. Our support can include preventative app maintenance and/or reactive changes.

Having an app support and maintenance agreement in place, ensures your IT resources are free to focus on the company’s core systems. As a trusted partner, we’ll have your app’s best interest at heart, so it makes sense to outsource the maintenance and support of your app.

Maintaining an existing app

From time to time we are approached by companies looking for us to maintain an app that may have been built elsewhere. We get it; teams move on, or business relationships change over time. Get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.