So, continuing with my promise to push an app a week, this week's Irish made app is "Movie Challenge" (link opens to iTunes), brought to you by the guys at Redwind Software.

Now, I consider myself a movie buff (or was before the kids came along), but this app, complete with its over 5000 questions has stumped me manys-a-time. It is slick, right from its opening menu system, with film reels and cool sound effects to match.

The guys have built this upon their own "Inquizitor Engine" which I guess means we can expect a number of titles built upon this (Buzz for iPhone anyone?); They've already done an Oscars special to coincide with the Oscars earlier this year.

Game play is simple to learn, yet very addictive. There are a number of different play modes (including pass to play with others), and the questions are very varied. There's a ton of work gone into the content for this game, and it shows.

I bought this a couple of weeks ago while waiting on the platform for a Dart. I played it on the Dart, as was home before I knew it. This is an ideal iPhone game - its simple to learn, and you can play it for short periods at a time. It also has a wide appeal as questions range from drama, comedy, animated, horror, action, etc.

If quizzes are your thing, this app is definitely worth the €1.59 price tag.