Back in December, I blogged about tapadoo winning a competition with a prize of the use of an Electric Car for a month. Today, I picked up the Electric Car, so here's the initial thoughts. I plan on doing a few blog posts during the month long trial.

The day started with some promotional shots being taken, which ESB have kindly shared with me. Took about 20 minutes, and was a bit of fun. PS Ecar 8

After that it was back to ESB for a quick bit of explanation of the car, a scoot around the block, and some simple paperwork...And so I was on my way.

So, I've done two short journeys - One back to the office, and a second to a meeting across town.

I gotta say, initially I'm impressed - The car is quite nippy, and amazingly quiet (some electric cars have sounds added externally for safety, but this one doesn't - It's a pre-production model, so may have this added in the future).

Driving is like any small car (As far as I can remember - my last small car was around 1993)

I'll post more thoughts as the trial continues.