"Well, just because people are vocal about it, doesn't mean everyone hates it, we should probably run a survey and check analytics"

"The findings are in! Loads of people hate it, some like it. If we get rid of it we'll annoy 7.24% of our audience"
"The retention team don't like the sound of that figure..."
"We better make it configurable on the account so."
"On the account, or on the profile?"
"What do you mean?"
"What if, Mom likes the auto play feature, but Dad hates it?"

"Hey everyone, we're going to make the auto play feature configurable!"
"Wait. When you say 'auto play feature' do you mean the feature where you're finished watching an episode and the next one auto plays?"
"Well, I"m talking about the feature where I'm trying to browse, and it auto plays trailers"
"Well, I'm talking about when the next episode auto plays"

"OK, We better make both of them configurable"
"Someone call the UX team, and find out the best way to do it"
"And let the database team know we'll need a new flag on the user profile table"

"A new flag? What will be put in as default for the hundreds of millions of existing profiles?"
"Let's meet up to discuss this"

"Who's responsible for the API? They're going to need to make a change to carry the new flag"
"you mean flags."
"Yes. You're right 'flags'"

"The API team have been in touch; they've made the new change to the login profile, they want to know should they change the POST to profile to change the value?"
"What for?"
"To save the user's preference"
"Oh, yeah. We better get that done too"

"How are the front end team doing on the UI?"
"Awaiting designs"

"The UI team are done. The new switch is in the profile screen, it's working great on chrome and safari. Just have a minor fix for Firefox to complete". It'll be in QA by tomorrow.
"Right, how are the Apple TV team doing?"
"Oh, they've a scheduled release in 1 month, so this change is on their backlog"

Have the carousel team wrote the code to not auto play?

"What about the LG TV Team?"
"What about The Android Team"
"The iPad Team?"
"The Roku Team?"

Hat tip: Des Traynor wrote the original "There are no small changes". I send this to anyone who will listen.

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