One of the big questions I come across when dealing with clients is the question of iPhone penetration in Ireland. Clients want to know the type of reach their app idea may get, and this is a valid question. We've tried getting this a number of times, but it is a commercially sensitive figure; We've good relations with O2, as they engage with Irish iPhone developers, but its the one thing they won't budge on. Actually, the question is a source of amusement at this stage; We joke about getting the figure; we know they don't necessarily want to give it out. In that regard, it reminds me of asking questions of Apple employees couched in the future tense. Its fun, but don't expect an answer. But the today, there's another organisation who have access to empirical data from their ad network. So today, I give you the figure that we now believe to be the figure. Bear in mind, its a point in time figure

There are 250,000 iPhones in Ireland

At least, that's according to the article on silicon republic.

That's only a starter statistic though. Take a look at actual app sales figures. Who are selling apps? Well, you could look at this article which gives Gartner's take on it.

Or...I'll save you the bother and give you the management overview from the bottom of the article: Wow. Wow.

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