I've gone to a lot of presentations over the last couple of years. About two years ago I started to notice something, and I've been keeping tabs on it ever since. This will cause debate but here it does

People who use Apple's Keynote to give presentations give better presentations.

There. I said it.

There's more to this. I'm not suggesting that Powerpoint is a lesser tool than Keynote. I've my thoughts on this, but this is not the point I'm trying to make.

If someone arrives to a presentation, and he's carrying a laptop, he's going to use powerpoint. This presentation may be good. It may be bad. If someone arrives to a presentation, and he's carrying a MacBook, he's most likely going to use Keynote. The presentation is overwhelmingly more likely to be good.

Of course, I've seen great presentations given using Powerpoint, and rubbish ones given using Keynote, but these are both their own exceptions.

Why is this? To me its a question of taste.

  • If someone has gone to the bother of switching to Mac, they've done this consciously. And usually, they've done it because they prefer the experience. If they've learned Keynote, they've gone to more effort again. (Look: we're all switchers in Ireland. Macs really were niche for many, many years).
  • So, my assertion goes like this. If you're using Keynote on a Mac, you've got taste. If you've got taste, you'll put more effort into your presentation.

I know there's arguments that the software should just support the talk, blah-de-blah; I'm just sayin'.

And so, I've watched this over the last two years or so, to see if my theory holds true.

It does.

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