It was interesting to watch how twitter lit up around midnight. I'd reckon that about 90% of my twitter stream was made up of people's thoughts on the fact that Steve Jobs has resigned.

It was overwhelmingly positive; There's the odd mention that people should get some perspective, or leftfield swipes at the fanboys (fanbois?), but generally it was people wanting to thank Steve Jobs for the products that have made a change to their lives.

I understand that many see these tweets as pointless, or out of kilter with worse events going on around the world, but I understand it.

You see, different people have different heroes. Your heroes change throughout your lives; I know a girl who cried when Ayrton Senna was tragically killed, many weeped over Robbie being ejected from Take That; the tears of joy flowed when 'King Kenny' returned to Liverpool.

The point is this; we laud individuals because of talent. We build our heroes because of their talent.

- Driving Formula 1 Cars. - Singing Pop Songs to 50,000 people at a time. - Scoring goals, then being an even better leader off the pitch. and even - Making great products, that for some unknown reason, the owners don't just like, they love.

So. When Steve Jobs announced his resignation, great software developers, brilliant designers, gadget lovers, felt the need to say thanks.

I'm not gonna apologise for that.

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