We always like adding to our team here at Tapadoo. We work hard to find the people who have the right capabilities, but more importantly are the right fit for our culture and team. So I'm delighted to be welcoming two new members of our team: Jacqui Russell and Mike McNamara.

Jacqui has joined us in the role of QA Analyst. As we grew our numbers, we realised we needed to have somebody who would look at our work from a quality perspective. Jacqui's background is in mobile phone retail. We knew she had something when she was asked why she should work in QA for Tapadoo and she said:

I'm the kind of person who freaks out when I find a typo on a website

(better get her to check this so!)

Adding to our team of developers, we have Mike. Mike's road to software has been circuitous. After qualifying as a medical doctor, Mike realised it wasn't the role for him, and his true calling was software development. He took a postgraduate diploma in Information Technology, aced it, and then made sure to introduce himself at developer meetups. This is how we like people to stand out. Mike also worked as a volunteer at Úll this year where his enthusiasm shone. Mike had already worked on a couple of freelance iPhone projects, so he's a great fit for Tapadoo.

Do join me in welcoming Jacqui and Mike to the team.

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