An enterprise app designed to equip staff with real time data to make their coal marketing sales process more efficient.

About CMC

CMC Coal Marketing is the exclusive marketer of thermal steam coal from the Cerrejón mining complex in northern Colombia. CMC was established in 2003 and to date have co-ordinated the sale and delivery of over 450 million tonnes of Cerrejón coal. Sales, service and technical support are managed from our office in Dublin. Cerrejón has exported over 650 million metric tonnes and operates 24 hours a day, 363 days a year.

the brief

“We want an enterprise app that will equip our staff with real time data in order to make the coal marketing process more efficient.”


Apps generally give users an overview of information rather than a lot of data. This is the most suitable way to show complicated data to a wider audience. However, this wasn’t the case for the CMC app. The CMC app was being used by staff who were familiar with the data and the process. They needed as much information as possible to make an informed decision within their role. Our task was to provide this level of data in a way that was useful, easy to understand and navigate.

It was a challenge to represent this level of complex information on the interface in a coherent way. We had an iterative process, which saw our client fully involved in the design. We understood our clients process in-depth and experimented with different ways of delivering the data. The result was a useful representation of their data in a visually pleasing way.


This enterprise app was developed with the user in mind. The user was on the road frequently and needed to access the data without being connected to the internet. So mobility was a big factor in its development.

The app needed to create its own charts and perform its own data analysis, without relying on a remote server to generate images or reports. The app would also use a lot of storage and processing power.

With this in mind, we developed the CMC app as a native iPad app. A big factor in this decision, is that the app could take advantage of the storage and processing power of an iPad. The iPad allows for a copy of all the data to be stored securely.

The result was a fully functioning enterprise app that is fast and responsive, regardless of connectivity.

What our clients say

“We engaged Tapadoo to replace our spreadsheet-based system with an iPad app, dedicated for use by our sales team. This app automatically syncs with our centralised database and provides our sales staff with instant access to the information they need to close out complex deals.This is now the key tool used by the sales force and executive team at CMC. It has made a huge difference to our internal process and we wouldn’t be without it.

~ Howard Gatiss
CEO, CMC Coal Marketing