An enterprise app that makes it quick and easy for customers to send their parcels worldwide.

About DHL

DHL Ireland have over 1,000 staff in the Republic of Ireland that provide a range of Express and Logistics Services including – International Express, Air and Ocean Freight, Same Day Courier Services, Supply Chain Management, Warehousing, Value Added Services and Global Business Mail.

Working with Ireland’s leading companies across all industry sectors, DHL develops customised, integrated solutions for customers from across all counties in Ireland.

the brief

“We want an enterprise app that will make it quick and easy for our customers to send their parcels worldwide.”


DHL has drop-in centres where people bring their parcels to be couriered worldwide. At each centre the customer verbally advises the DHL agent of the shipment details, such as destination and contents. These details are input into the DHL online system by the DHL agent to generate the shipment paperwork.

The drawback with this process was that it was slow, particularly around validation of address data being communicated to the DHL agent.

DHL engaged us to come up with a technical solution to this issue. We worked together to create a self-service solution that integrated with the agent shipping application.

The design focused on incorporating the DHL brand into the product to leverage the association of trust that the public already has with DHL. We then broke the user experience down into simple digestible steps that guides the user through the package shipping process. We aimed to make it quick and easy for the customer to complete this part of the process.

Once completed, the user brings a reference number to the service desk and pays for the delivery. This allows the interaction between the customer and employee to be less complicated and more time efficient.


We developed an iPad app that is mounted on a counter in each of the drop-in centres. The app allows customers to type the destination address and pick the package size. It then auto-submits to the DHL shipment system. This self-service solution allows the process to be quick, easy and eliminates transcription problems.

The app has been so successful that we developed a similar concept for the Guinness Storehouse. DHL is the service provider for all goods purchased in the Storehouse that need to be shipped worldwide.

In this case, we built a slightly different version. It was a kiosk that was branded both Storehouse and DHL. It has a Bluetooth printer included. When the user fills in their details, it auto-submits to DHL and prints two receipts. One receipt is given to the storehouse sales assistant who charges for shipping. This receipt is left with the goods to be shipped, while the other is kept by the customer for their own record, which has the tracking number of their shipment.

This had an immediate effect on sales. Within two months of installing the kiosk, DHL reported sales growth of 60%. A figure that has held year on year.

What our clients say

“They’re very involved and easy to deal with, and always there when we need them. They’ve worked hard and paid a lot of interest in the detail of what we’re trying to achieve, which differentiates them from other providers. Their opinion on what should be done on the project was also very important for us. They were on time, on budget, and delivered exactly what they said they would.”

~ Gerard Devlin
Head of Electronic Shipping Solutions