FitrWoman App


FitrWoman is the world’s first app to provide daily training and nutrition advice tuned to female athletes menstrual cycles.

About FitrWoman

FitrWoman’s aim is to help female athletes perform at their optimal level. The team of sports scientists at FitrWoman have over 18 years experience working with female athletes. They offer Female Athlete Consultancy services to individual athletes and teams providing them with immediate access to world-class expertise.

The FitrWoman app was designed to help inform and educate girls and women to make better decisions during their menstrual cycles.

the brief

“We want to be able to provide athletes with personalised advice around nutrition and exercise tailored to their own cycle.”

Orreco has extensive research into the performance of women athletes and how this varies throughout their menstrual cycle. Their goal is to help female athletes perform at their best and wanted an app that would support this.


As women’s cycles can vary, designing for the average woman would diminish the app and exclude women with less regular cycles. To best accommodate varying cycles and be as inclusionary as possible, we allowed for a wide range of personalisation in our calculations. This included such things as cycle length, period length and date of period. This ensures that the information the app provides is as personalised and as accurate as possible for a wide range of users.

Our goal was to provide the information in an easy to use and actionable format. The app is quick to set up, with the user providing details on their cycle. The app then supplies the correct advice based on the phase they are currently in.

The app features slick animation, and an ability to go from an ‘at a glance’ view to more in-depth information with a single tap.


FitrWoman was developed for iOS using Swift. The strategy that best suited our client was to update the app quickly, without having to release a new version each time to the app store.

We previously used Google Tag Manager (GTM) for this, as it allows the text in an app to be updated in real time. As GTM was deprecated for this use, we use Firebase instead for this functionality. Firebase allows for quick iterations and offline functionality. It also provides crash reporting and analytics. This means we can respond to any emerging issues and keep users happy.

FitrWoman has won the iTAG Digital Product Award 2018. It has also been featured widely in the media; CNN, Forbes, the Irish Times and Independent.