Medication Checker App

Irish Sports Council

An iOS app for elite athletes to check if over-the-counter pharmacy products are banned for use in sport.

About the Irish Sports Council & Medication Checker

The Irish Sports Council is the authority tasked with the development of sport in Ireland. This includes participation in sport, high performance sport, anti-doping, coaching and the development of the Sport Ireland National Sports Campus. Medication Checker is an app developed for the Sports Council. The app provides a way for Irish sports athletes to check whether over the counter medications and drugs bought in Ireland comply with anti-doping rules. The app allows athletes, coaches and doctors access the Eirpharm database to see which substances are banned.

the brief

“We need to provide a quick and easy way for Irish athletes to check if a substance is banned under the World Anti-Doping Agency rules”.

The Irish Sports Council approached is with the aim of supporting Irish athletes from doping bans. The app provides a quick and easy way for athletes to check information on their smartphone that will reduce the risk of them inadvertently doping.

They wanted their app to access the Eirpharm database but also provide other useful information for Irish athletes, such as storing search results and the ability to email.


The Irish Sports Council wanted to develop the initial app for iPhone. This meant working with iOS design guidelines only. The aim of the app was to help users see if their medicine will result in an anti-doping violation. It needed to be easy to use and quick to get results. To achieve this, we allowed for medicines to be looked up by name or ailment. The user could then see if the medicine has a banned substance under the anti-doping rules.


The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) issues a list of prohibited substances that are allowed in and out of competition. The list also indicates substances that are banned in certain sports. The Eirpharm Medicines in Sports Database covers prescription and non-prescription medicinal products marketed in Ireland and is updated inline with WADA.

The Medication Checker App allows users to check both their prescribed and over the counter medication against the WADA list through the Eirpharm Drugs in Sport database. This app was developed in Objective-C for iOS and in Java for Android. The app has a number of useful features including the ability to email a search result, save the search result in the app history and re-check medications in saved history against the current database listings.