Parking Tag App


An app that makes it easy and convenient for users to pay for on-street parking.

About Parking Tag

Parking Tag take the stress out of on street parking. It was set up to help motorists pay for on-street parking using their Smartphone. It wanted to make it easy and convenient for users to pay for on-street parking.

The aim of Parking Tag was to create coin-free parking, and to eliminate the number of parking tickets issued and clamps applied. One way it achieved this was through a handy to use app. Parking Tag is now setup in selected areas around Ireland.

the brief

“We would like an app that gives motorists another easy and convenient way to pay for parking.”

Prior to the app Parking Tag users could login online and pay for their on-street parking this way. However, Parking Tag wanted to make it even easier and more convenient for customers to pay for parking, so they decided an app was the best approach. They came to us with their brief of ‘easy and convenient’ and we took it from there.


The Parking Tag app was designed with convenience in mind. The aim was to grow the existing user base and to give users another option to pay for parking without the hassle of loose change or queuing at meters. Once a user has registered, they are immediately ready to park.

A subtle but important feature, was to provide users with the option to extend their parking without needing to return to their car. No more rushing back to feed the meter if they are running late or caught up in an important engagement that went on longer than expected. Other features include; view recent transactions, prepay parking and adding vehicles to the account.

We wanted to give users complete control over parking through their mobile phone. The convenience of this service is that once registered, users can pay for parking at the touch of a button.


We built the Parking Tag app natively for iOS and Android using Objective-C and Java. The app takes advantage of the location and mapping capabilities of mobile devices. It has been developed to aid the user to quickly and correctly find parking zones.

It communicates securely with the Parking Tag platform to get the correct quote for parking and to purchase parking. The app remembers when parking expires, has the option to send an SMS reminder and makes it easy to pay again remotely. It also allows users to manage their Parking Tag account, vehicles and payment options.

What our clients say

“We engaged with Tapadoo on the Parking Tag project over six years ago. They brought exceptional technical acumen and professionalism in building and deploying a very successful app. The Payzone team have an excellent relationship with Tapadoo and together we have continued to add various features to the app that have significantly contributed to the product’s overall success.”

~ Michelle Hughes
Business Partner Manager