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An app and digital signage that helps businesses know exactly how many people are on site at any one time.
People Counting Software

About Redzone

Redzone is a technology provider that specialise in people counting solutions for buildings, events, the hospitality, retail and corporate sectors. REDZone neither monitors nor stores any personal details of the individuals counted by their systems, therefore there are no GDPR issues. Through their customised interactive dashboard, real-time data can be analysed and streamed into a device that suits you. Their cloud-based approach enables geographically diverse sites to be managed as one cohesive solution and removes the need for costly infrastructure and support.

the brief

REDZone approached Tapadoo to join forces on delivering a technical solution to the social distancing issue that many businesses face as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Using REDZones background technology and Tapadoo’s app development skills we supported the delivery of an occupancy management solution that helps the retail, corporate, hospitality and any large building or event manage the occupancy level and keep everyone safe.


The TRUCount design focuses on clarity. The aim of the design is to remove any ambiguity around the total number of people allowed into a space and the total number currently occupying that space. The colours used for the design are those associated with COVID-19 public health material. This is to ensure recognition of the health and safety advice rather than it being seen as an in-store advertisement. The graphics are easily recognisable with large words and numbers for people to read. The large public facing screen has been designed to show in a clear and concise manner the number of people in a retail store, building, event or even small spaces such as lifts and toilets at any one time.The public facing screen displays these numbers so those looking to enter can see at a glance if it is safe to do so.

As with the public facing display screen, clarity was the primary focus of the app design. The app displays a large number on screen indicating the current occupancy level and also includes a capacity or “progress” indicator. The progress indicator changes colour depending on whether the occupancy is higher or lower than the threshold. The progress indicator graphic is an important addition here for glanceability on the mobile app, as colour is not always a suitable indicator for “good vs bad” for people who have a colour vision deficiency. The purpose of the mobile app is to allow the occupancy levels to be managed from anywhere on the premises. This removes the need for an employee to man the doors, instead the large display screens do this and then information is fed through to the app.


The TRUCount app is built natively for both Android and iOS using Kotlin with Jetpack components and Swift with SwiftUI. The app leverages MQTT broker instances to detect events sent from installed devices at multiple locations. From there our apps handle the secure communication between these locations and our users.

The main goal was to provide a quick-glance solution for businesses to keep up-to-date with the daily occupancy levels on their premises. We achieved this by providing functionality for alerting users when location occupancy limits are reached, updating occupancy limits on the fly and handling extra cases like staff offsets.

We also developed a real-time web-based display of the occupancy levels. Developed in Javascript and also leveraging MQTT, this screen can be displayed on Smart TVs; this makes it perfect for consumers to view as they walk into a business. To further attract people’s attention, audio messages dependent on the occupancy status are played at intervals.