Prepay Power App

An app that makes it easy for Prepay Power customers to topup their meter without having to leave their house or go online.


About PrePay Power

Prepay Power are Irelands’ first energy supplier of ‘pay as you go’ electricity and gas. The company, which is 100% Irish owned, was set up in 2009. It’s aim is to give its customers total control and complete transparency over their electricity costs.

Prepay Power are Ireland’s largest ‘pay as you go’ electricity provider. Over 300,000 people in the North and South of Ireland have used this technology, with the PrePaid electricity meters being in operation for over 10 years.

the brief

“We want to make it easier for customers to top-up their Prepay Power meter, without having to leave the house or go online. We’d also like them to be able to track their usage patterns and spend.”

Prepay Power wanted to make it easy and convenient for their customers to top-up their Prepay Power meter. Ideally, it would be better if customers didn’t have to go to a local shop to buy a top-up code or need an internet connection to do it online.

As part of their mission statement they also wanted customers to have full control of their electricity spend and be able to track their usage spent.



The focus of the Prepay Power design was to allow customers to see their account balance at a glance and to top-up their account with zero friction. We achieved this in iterations to allow for quick and reactive development of features.

The app allows the user to add a payment method, which can be used to top-up the account whenever the user chooses. The user can also setup Auto Top-Up. When the user’s balance falls beneath a desired threshold, their balance is automatically topped up by a selected amount.

Adding this feature meant that the user wouldn’t have to check their balance throughout the day, while ensuring their home is never without power. All of which provides peace of mind for the user.

We also needed to support customers with older meters that could not be topped up wirelessly.

We added multiple helpful and accessibility features, such as using voice synthesis, so the user could input their powercode without needing to look at the app.

What began originally as topping up and checking balances, expanded into more helpful features for the user such as Auto Top Up, graphs, spending and usage data, wireless top-up and topping up over Bluetooth Low Energy.


We integrated this app with an existing system. Working alongside the technical team at Prepay Power we utilised prior web services APIs.

We also made use of Google Tag Manager for user facing text in the app, as well as some logic behind the scenes, such as dynamic FAQ segments. This allowed us to have a quicker turnaround and react fast to our clients needs without being slowed down by the app review process.

This, coupled with extensive use of crash reporting and analytics, allowed us to monitor our users usage patterns closely and ensure high user satisfaction.

What our clients say

“We find Tapadoo to be a critical link between what the product needs to be versus what the technology can offer. There’s little point in just pushing out new features as they arrive technically. It’s much more exciting to map the business needs to solutions that leverage all the available features including the new arrivals. That’s the acceleration we need to stay ahead”.

~ Mark Ennis
Chief Technology Officer, Prepay Power