Samsung Night Run


An app that helps runners prepare for the yearly Samsung Night Run.

About Samsung Night Run

The Samsung Night Run is a yearly event that takes place in Dublin. Runners of all abilities and ages are welcome to take part in the Night Run Dublin 10K. Every participant receives a reflective premium technical race top to wear on the night, as well as a finishers medal.

The race is sanctioned by Athletics Ireland and is chip-timed, meaning returning runners can benchmark their performance on previous years.

the brief

“We want an app to help runners prepare for the yearly Samsung Night Run. We’d like this app to focus on the running routes trainers can take and to track their progress”.

Samsung wanted to create a buzz around the launch of their yearly Night Run event. They approached us to create an app that would help runners prepare for the race, while building brand awareness. They wanted the app to focus on training routes and the runners progression.


The Samsung Night Run took place over a number of years in which Tapadoo worked on designing and developing features and content for the app. Each year the app reflected the branding in place with the Samsung Night Run website and poster campaign for that year.

After meeting with our clients and discussing their needs we realised that they wanted their app to be different to all other running apps on the market. Most running apps provide a vast amount of data and can sometimes be off putting. The aim with the Samsung Night Run app was to focus on the most essential information runners needed to help them achieve their training goals.

The app focused on training routes runners could take, tracked their performance and provided tips to enhance their training. Extra functionality was provided closer to race day.

The app achieved its goal of not overloading users with too much data. It is ideal for beginners to advanced runners and for anyone wanting to just focus on their running and performance, without the hassle of having to update other features.


Samsung Night Run is an Android app, written in Java, that uses the phones location and mapping capabilities to record the users running sessions. It integrates with the existing Night Run website, MapMyRun. The app provides information on a number of local runs, as well as being a full GPS based running tracker.

It was developed to work on its own without needing to store or share data online. Users can start a session and GPS coordinates are stored on the device by the app as they run. The app shows the route the user took on a map. It also calculates distances travelled and overall time, speed and effort of the run. Users can review their run history. They can look back at the routes they took and have their run route replayed on a 3D Google map.

Most apps only use location for brief periods while active. Using location for a longer period of time was a challenge for the Samsung Nigh Run app. We had to ensure that the app performed well while carrying out this function. It also needed to keep up this performance while the phone was locked.

We later integrated a blog within the app, which contains tips and motivation for users training for the Samsung Night Run.