Slendertone Connect App

Bio-Medical Research Ltd

An app that helps Slendertone customers track their toning progress.

About Slendertone Connect

Slendertone Connect is the smart toning belt that actively tones and strengthens your core. This powerful toning belt has been developed by leading experts in muscle-toning technology. Slendertone Connect guides customers on their journey to stronger, firmer, flatter and more toned abs within just four weeks.

It’s innovative design means it now syncs with the Slendertone Connect Coaching app on your smartphone. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android.

the brief

“We want an app that can help our customers track their toning progress and help motivate them to achieve even better results with our product.”

Slendertone Connect wanted an app to compliment their Slendertone Connect Abs belt. The aim of the app is to provide support and motivation for the user while on their toning journey.


While utility apps usually focus on providing the fastest and most efficient route to accomplishing a task, the aim with Slendertone Connect was to create an app that was fun and enticing. We wanted to create an app that Slendertone users would want to use. Core to this was making it simple and enjoyable to control a toning session.

With the use of a novel sliding mechanism, toning stimulation can be easily increased or decreased while also displaying key information about the toning session. Designed to further the user’s motivation, the app beautifully conveys a users progress with simple graphics and fun animations.

Setup of the app is simple. Users simply need to download it and signup as a new user. The user is then asked a series of multiple choice questions about their activity level and motivation for using the device. The aim of these questions is to establish which toning program is best suited to the users goals and activity level.


Slendertone Connect makes use of the latest Bluetooth wireless technology to communicate with the Slendertone ab-toning belt. It syncs information to Slendertone’s online portal allowing users to view their progress online. Safety was a key priority throughout the development of Slendertone Connect. As a regulated medical device, Slendertone Connect had to be carefully documented, developed and tested to rigorous standards. Slendertone Connect was granted full approval by the Food and Drug Administration in the USA.

What our clients say

“We approached Tapadoo after a previous failed start. The difference was night and day. Right from the start of the project, we knew we were dealing with professionals. Tapadoo took instruction where needed and provided advice where it helped. They really brought their experience to bear on a complex project”.

~ Tom Neill
Group IS/IT Director, Bio-Medical Research