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The 3 Driving Modes of the i MiEV

This is another blog post about the electric car I'm currently trying out. Today, I'm going to talk about the various driving modes. To start, lets take a look at the dashboard: The important dials are The round one on the left, which shows the charge gauge, and what...

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E-Car dispatch 2. The first weekend

So we got to use the e-car over the weekend. Turned out to be very useful, although this would be the case for any second car. Our kids all have training on Saturday with St. Vincent's GAA. Jack, our eldest sometimes has away games, and this normally means that the...

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E-Car dispatch 1

Back in December, I blogged about tapadoo winning a competition with a prize of the use of an Electric Car for a month. Today, I picked up the Electric Car, so here's the initial thoughts. I plan on doing a few blog posts during the month long trial. The day started...

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