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At Tapadoo we like to share what we’re learning. On our blog you can find updates about our projects and our thoughts on where the mobile app industry is headed.

On cross platform toolkits

With the recent Nokia-Microsoft announcement, the smartphone race just got a shot in the arm. There will now be 3 main players in the smartphone and apps market. They are of course: iOS Running on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and most likely AppleTV Android, running on...

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Welcome Adam

I'm stoked about this. This morning, I'm welcoming Adam McCarthy into tapadoo. I'd already known Adam though twitter as the guy who was giving Mac keyboard shortcut advice, and later got to meet him an XCake meeting. I was delighted when he responded to my tweet...

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Why App distribution policy could be bad for iPad

I see lots of people thinking of great ideas for the iPad. I agree with pretty much all of them. Anywhere where there's a person carrying a handheld device, or indeed a notepad an pen, could be a potential application. Here's a few examples Waiter taking orders at a...

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