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The problem with “revenue share”

As an iPhone developer for hire, I get regular approaches from people with ideas that they would like to turn into realities. I sign non-disclosure agreements and then get brought into their confidence to explain their idea. Some turn out to be better than others....

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Charging for iPhone App Maintenance

In an earlier blog post, I spoke about how to charge for developing of an iPhone app. A comment was recently added by Finbarr which I think is an interesting question: One question though. How do you factor in the cost of maintenance? Since all updates to iPhone app’s...

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iPhone – How to do full screen activity status

I've seen questions about how feed back to a user that something is pending, where you don't want any input from the user. An example may be making an XML request for data from your iPhone app back to your server. While it is pending you want to show that your app is...

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How much to develop an iPhone application?

I've seen this question asked a number of times on linked in groups and other such places. Its a basic question, but it doesn't have a basic answer. In fact its no different to "how much to develop a J2EE/.NET/COB OL/insert-your-technology-here application". Look....

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