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A message about Ireland’s Phone Book

It has come to our attention that current versions of "Ireland's Phone Book" and "Ireland's Phone Book Pro" are currently not operable. We regret to inform users that in light of a recent threat of legal challenge, we WILL NOT be providing a fix to the application in...

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App Push: Movie Challenge!

So, continuing with my promise to push an app a week, this week's Irish made app is "Movie Challenge" (link opens to iTunes), brought to you by the guys at Redwind Software. Now, I consider myself a movie buff (or was before the kids came along), but this app,...

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I’m pushing an Irish App a Week

There's lots of great app review sites out there. Some are very popular, and getting a mention can really help your iPhone App sales. But getting on them can be difficult, and I've even heard stories of how these sites are asking for payment to be featured. This may...

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