Changes to our line up

by: dermdaly

I love when I get a chance to welcome new members to our team. Today, we’re introducing four new members.

Sona Harrison. Sona has joined us in the role of UI/UX designer. We noticed her work at a recent project showcase of DIT Masters student work, and we were on the hunt for a designer. Her keen eye for design meant we chose her.

Lee Maguire. Lee was breezing through his course at college with a couple of apps under his belt, and decided to apply to Tapadoo. Lee’s response to our coding test was to complete it in record time, so we felt we shouldn’t let him slip through our fingers.

This will be our third intake of staff from UCC and we’re excited to be welcoming another two great candidates. Emily Horgan joins us for the summer as an iOS developer, and Conor O’Donoghue joins us to take on the task of Android developer.

Also, to reflect our expansion, there have been two other changes:
Sasha Wilson is now Director of Project Delivery responsible for all projects at Tapadoo, and Orla Fagan now takes up the role of Design Lead, taking full responsibility of all UI and UX work in the company.

Do join me in welcoming Sona, Lee, Emily and Conor to the team, and wishing Sasha and Orla well in their new roles.

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