Enterprise App Development

Enterprise apps can simplify a business process, increase productivity or communicate and engage staff in a more efficient and effective way.

We can develop your Enterprise App

By automating your business processes in an enterprise app, you make business life easier and save on time and costs. We can design and develop an effective enterprise app for you. This app can simplify a business process, increase productivity or communicate and engage staff in a more efficient and effective way. Our enterprise app development can help you innovate and transform your business.

Tapadoo partner with enterprise clients to offer a full-service enterprise app development strategy. We endeavour to understand your business, then suggest ways in which an enterprise app can offer efficiency gains or provide costs savings. We then work with your team to design and develop the enterprise app.


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Example of an enterprise app we’ve built


DHL engaged us to come up with a technical solution for shipping parcels worldwide. Their current system was a manual process, which involved an agent interpreting verbal confirmation on worldwide addresses. This system was slow and cumbersome. We worked together with DHL to create a self-service solution that integrated with the agent shipping application.

The solution came in the form of an iPad app mounted in kiosks in all DHL drop-in centres.


“Tapadoo are very involved and easy to deal with, and always there when we need them. They’ve worked hard and paid a lot of interest to the detail of what we’re trying to achieve, which differentiates them from other providers. Their opinion on what should be done on the project was also very important for us. They were on time, on budget, and delivered exactly what they said they would.”

~ Gerard Devlin
Head of Electronic Shipping Solutions, DHL

Why you should choose us to build your enterprise app


Our enterprise mobile app developers are adept in creating the entire mobile enterprise application platform to deploy the app in the business platform. We are proficient in working with backend integration and legacy systems.

Project Management

You will have a dedicated project manager for the duration of your project with us. Your project manager will provide you with a continuous integration system, which allows you to track progress during development. You’ll also have access to an issue tracking system, which allows you to report any issues as they arise.

Cost Savings

We help clients streamline and automate their processes to make business life easier and ultimately to save on time and cost. One of our enterprise clients seen a 60% sales growth within two months of implementing an enterprise app. This figure has held year on year.

Ongoing Support

We offer our enterprise clients an annual support and maintenance package to take the headache out of trying to update the enterprise mobile app in-house. This alleviates the time and cost associated with internal developers needing to upskill in mobile app development.

How to market your mobile app eBook

This is an in-depth guide on how to market your mobile app at each stage of the marketing funnel. It’s a must read for everyone, even if you’re only thinking of developing an app.

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