Many clients look to us to be their full stack solutions app development partner. They want us to provide a complete end-to-end solution for them.  This typically involves development of all the components needed to support a mobile app, such as:

  • Back-end database to store user details, preferences and other information.
  • Web services API to grant authorised access to the data for the app.
  • Messaging services, such as mail, sms and push notifications.
  • Administration dashboards to allow service operators have a view of their systems.

Tapadoo can develop full stack solutions from scratch, tailored to your needs, or build upon services offered by platform-as-a-service (PAAS) such as those offerings from Amazon, Microsoft and Google.  In some cases this can mean working on a serverless deployment where services offered by PAAS mean there isn’t a need to maintain servers.

The choice of technology stack is done with your needs in mind. We take into account issues such as budget, internal capabilities and existing infrastructure and future plans.

Tapadoo have deployed services on many platforms such as Heroku, Amazon, Google Firebase, Azure and Compose.

We have also had clients approach us with existing solutions, based on web technologies, looking to bring this service to mobile.

In those situations, it would be common for the client to provide Web Services APIs for use in an app, or indeed to develop Web Services specifically for the mobile app needs.

We are happy to work with you whatever your requirements may be. We can provide a full stack solutions app or building upon existing services.