If there’s one tip I’d give you when submitting your app, this is it

by: dermdaly

If there’s one tip you should listen to when releasing your app to itunes connect, it is this one:

When uploading to itunesconnect, set your release date far in the future. When it comes ready for sale, set it back to when you really want to release it.

Here’s why….

So, I finally go through the contracts processed and released my application. You can read all about it here.

I made a simple mistake when I submitted it, and luckily this did not affect downloads, however I still feel this is an important point to make. Pay attention, new iPhone developers because I saw this tip on numerous sites and chose to ignore it.

What I am talking about is setting your sale date. When uploading to itunestconnect, you are asked for my sale date. I mistakenly took this as something the reviewers would used to help decide how quickly they should review. No chance.

I suspect that the review team work more or less from a first in, first out basis (ok, there could be some exceptions, but basically). The sale date is for you only.

I set mine to be a week away in the silly hope that they would review it quicker.

Here’s what actually happened:

  1. I submitted it for review 19 March, with a on sale date of 26 March
  2. I received my first submission feedback 14 days later, on April 2, where they had found a crash
  3. I fixed and resubmitted that evening
  4. 7 days later, on April 10, I received notice that the app was “ready for sale”
  5. However, my contracts were pending (that’s another story) so when they got fixed on May 13, I set the App to go on sale the next day, May 14

Ok. Still with me?
So, when my app is on sale, I look for it in iTunes by ordering by release date. No sign of it. I search backwards. Can’t find it.

Eventually, when I can find my app, its got a release date of April 10, i.e. the date it was approved (as my original “on sale” date was earlier).

This means my app missed its “day in the sun”. Being top of the list by release date is one way your app can get noticed after it is released. So don’t make the same mistake I did.

To reiterate:

When uploading to itunesconnect, set your release date far in the future. When it comes ready for sale, set it back to when you really want to release it.

The post script to this is my app has exceeded my expectations in terms of popularity, despite not being noticed as a “newly released” app. I’ll blog further thought on what to expect post release in a day or two.

Any other comments? Feel free to add to the discussion

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  1. Rob

    So how was it this particular problem? i found your post after i made a similar mistake, so basically there’s no hope for this? have you contacted Apple regarding this?


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