Medical apps are more complex than traditional iOS and Android apps. They differ from regular business apps, in that they have more stringent guidelines that must be followed during development and testing.

We have that experience and have brought a number of medical apps through the US Food And Drug Administration (FDA) approval process.

We offer a full-service medical app development strategy, including design and development services for the medical technology and pharmaceutical industries.

Tapadoo Medical Apps

Smartphones have changed the landscape of the healthcare sector. The sophistication of the smartphone has seen many healthcare companies switch from catering for hospitals and doctors to working directly with customers in the form of a medical app. As a result, healthcare is becoming more accessible for patients.

We play a big part in bringing medical apps to the end user. We’ve developed apps that make use of the latest Bluetooth wireless technology to communicate with a medical device. Some of our medial apps, while being informative also have an e-commerce function built in. We have worked with specialist medical imaging companies to get the highest 3D renderings of parts of the body. Our medical apps have included interactive models to allow the user to get a better experience.

We’ve also helped medical companies bring their latest research direct to the end user. In doing so they’ve been able to give personalised advice around nutrition.  

Our development strategies have allowed for some medical apps to be updated quickly. This means we don’t have to release a new version each time to the app store. 

Many of the apps we have developed have received extensive media coverage and have won awards. You can take a look at some of the medical apps we have built here. They give a brief overview of our design and development techniques.