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by: aidan

It’s hard to believe that 5 months have gone by so quickly. It feels like just last week we were sitting in the Banquet hall at Ull Conf listening to the many interesting speakers giving their presentations, or cheering in the Hogan stand as Kilkenny decimated Dublin in hurling.

I’ve really enjoyed my time here at Tapadoo, and will definitely continue to write iOS apps in the future, I might even try and think of a way to make one for my final year project in a few months time!

Tapadoo gave me the chance to start iOS development, something I probably would not have started on my own, being more of an Android guy, but I can safely say that I’ve been converted from “the Darkside”! I’ve already bought a Mac mini, which works very well with Tapadoo’s gift of an iPad mini, to continue my iOS development! I’ll definitely be trying out Swift too!

I’ve learned so much here, and a lot of that goes down to the friendly and always helpful team we’ve had the pleasure of working with. I didn’t just learn how to write apps here either, I also learned that I am not a good baker! Although I do think my last attempt at a cake was much more edible than my previous two! I will definitely miss the weekly bake off, although it may not miss me as much!


It did look a bit weird though!

We’ve had a great time here, living so close to Tapadoo too has given us the chance to explore Dublin on the weekends by just wandering around the city and go to the various developer meetups like GDG and XCake. It’ll be very hard to go back to college now!

So thanks to everyone on team Tapadoo for the awesome 5 months, it was a blast!

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