State of the iPhone versus Android debate

by: dermdaly

I’ve been thinking about the current status of the “iPhone Vs Android” debate. Here’s a brain dump of where I think this is at.
In no particular order

  • Android 4.0 is pretty slick. It has taken this long though. The earlier versions weren’t actually that good
  • It will continue to get better, but unfortunately progress will be hampered patent spats. Apple are the biggest offenders here. For some reason they seem to be targetting Samsung over everyone else
  • Well, I say “some reason” but Samsung are selling a TON of devices. They’re very good devices too
  • There seems to be big difficulty in getting Android users out of their obsession with “free”. Paid apps still hugely disappointing when compared with iOS
  • But, there’s a strange sense of entitlement amongst Android users. If you’re a known brand and you release iPhone only, you will get a lot of responses from angry Android owners.
  • This does not mean it will be worth your while to produce an android app
  • Divergence continues to be a problem. Even when you explain, people won’t necessarily believe you
  • No doubt about it. If you want big reach, you can no longer ignore android.
  • Native continues to give you best results.
  • The snake oil salesmen will still continue to flog cross platform solutions. These will continue to suck

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