The “iPad killer” is on the way

by: dermdaly

No it isn’t.

If you’re a journalist and you write a prophetic article on the iPad killer you are either looking for attention from trolls, or are dumb.

I wrote about the “iPhone Killer” last year. Nothing has changed, and all the arguments remain the same.

Move along now, nothing to see.

Related: I’d love to have a product that everyone writes is about to be trumped by a new “killer”. Its a sure sign you’re doing it right.

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  1. Des Traynor

    It’s very rare there is ever any one particular killer too and the killers are very rarely of the same variety. The iPod killer is a mobile phone, not a smarter sleeker sexier cheaper faster mp3 player.

    Also most big names die from a thousand paper cuts, as opposed to some mythical monster strolling in and gobbling up market share.

  2. Shane Moore

    Radio was the Book killer.
    Cinema was the Radio Killer
    Tv was the Cinema killer.

    Our usage might get curbed every once in a while but nothing ever seems to outright die in the tech industry.


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