A People Counting App for Social Distancing.

Know exactly how many people are on site at any given time. TRUCount is the ideal solution to manage your occupancy levels and stay within Government guidelines.

What is trucount

TRUCount is an automated, real-time, occupancy management system designed to help businesses manage their occupancy levels. It’s more accurate than estimates and clickers, does not get distracted and can monitor multiple doors. It consists of Internet of Things (IoT) laser scanners at entrances/exits that relay the numbers entering to central servers digital signage and staff apps.The live count is then displayed on a large screen at the entrance/exit.

TRUCount is a fully scalable solution. It can be scaled to manage larger infrastructure or linked to our small space solution TRUCount LITE, which has been designed to manage small spaces, such as bathrooms, workshops and lifts.

Privacy and Security First

TRUCount technology is based on laser scanning and not cameras. Counting is fully anonymous as the technology doesn’t capture personal identities the way CCTV cameras do. As only counts are relayed, TRUCount is 100% GDPR compliant and can be installed by electricians and maintenance personnel without the need for a PSA licence. The system also uses its own router and is not connected to a customer network. TRUCount data is accessible through a management console or the TRUCount app, which has user and admin profiles. With our custom display URLs, occupancy data can be displayed on any smart screen, tablet, or web enabled device.


It’s often a poor use of a staff member’s time and skill to have them staffing entrances to stores. Along with it being costly, it puts the staff member at a higher risk of infection than their colleagues. TRUCount can man your doors and keep your store at a safe occupancy level. With large information screens and audio messages, customers will know when it is safe to enter your store. Our dedicated app enables staff to monitor the occupancy level from any location, while management can use the admin features to set maximum occupancy levels. There are no cameras or wi-fi interrogation, just reliable technology keeping you compliant and your customers safe.

TRUCount live in SuperValu, Ratoath, Co Meath.


TRUCount helps you manage your occupancy levels in your canteens, open plan offices, lifts, reception areas and many more scenarios. The TRUCount technology enables the whole campus to be linked, thus providing a true analysis of occupancy. The digital signage displaying the occupancy level is large and clear, and when the count goes over the occupancy level the screen changes colour removing any ambiguity around occupancy levels.


Whether it’s for a restaurant, hotel, event, visitor centre or any other tourist-related service TRUCount can help manage the occupancy levels in an accurate and safe way. TRUCount can manage multiple doors simultaneously giving a true analysis of site occupancy. To eliminate any conflict regarding occupancy level the digital signage displaying the occupancy level is large and clear, and changes colour when it goes over the allowed occupancy level.

managing bathrooms and small spaces

TRUCount LITE has been designed to manage small spaces with an access door less than 900mm. It’s a self-install solution aimed to ensure the safety of staff and customers in the smallest spaces. The kit includes a single door sensor, small form monitor, count computer and cables. TRUCount LITE can be upgraded to our cloud-based solution which will allow for remote maintenance, data retrieval and access to our occupancy app.